Les éditions Volumiques

Les éditions volumiques is a publishing house focusing on the paper book as a new computer platform, as well as a research lab on book, (computational) paper, reading, games and toys and their relation to new technologies.

Bertrand Duplat

Co-Founder of Absolut Design a product design agency in 1990
Co-Founder of Virtools in 1993, the company designing and developing Virtools 3D interactivity and gameplay authoring tool.
Co-Founder of les éditions volumiques.

Étienne Mineur

Co-Founder and Artistic Director of Index+ in 1992.
Co-Founder and Artistic Director of the design studio incandescence in 2000.
Co-Founder and Creative Director of les éditions volumiques in 2009.
Professor at ENSAD, ENSCI in Paris, and at HEAD in Geneva.

• AGI Member since 2000.

Monopoly Zapped Edition

Le nouveau Monopoly Zapped Edition d’Hasbro utilise notre technologie de reconnaissance d’objet sur écran capacitif. Le jeu utilise, en plus du plateau traditionnel, des sortes de cartes de crédits permettant de gérer son argent et ses points dans le jeu.