Les éditions Volumiques

Les éditions volumiques is a publishing house focusing on the paper book as a new computer platform, as well as a research lab on book, (computational) paper, reading, games and toys and their relation to new technologies.

Étienne Mineur

Co-Founder and Artistic Director of Index+ in 1992.
Co-Founder and Artistic Director of the design studio incandescence in 2000.
Co-Founder and Creative Director of les éditions volumiques in 2009.
Professor at ENSAD, ENSCI in Paris, and at HEAD in Geneva.

• AGI Member since 2000.

(i)Pawn vidéo 1 from éditions volumiques on Vimeo.

Pions et téléphone

Démonstration d’un jeu utilisant des pions et un téléphone. Les pions doivent se rapprocher entre eux à travers un dialogue typographique.