Les éditions Volumiques

Les éditions volumiques is a publishing house focusing on the paper book as a new computer platform, as well as a research lab on book, (computational) paper, reading, games and toys and their relation to new technologies.

Étienne Mineur

Co-Founder and Artistic Director of Index+ in 1992.
Co-Founder and Artistic Director of the design studio incandescence in 2000.
Co-Founder and Creative Director of les éditions volumiques in 2009.
Professor at ENSAD, ENSCI in Paris, and at HEAD in Geneva.

• AGI Member since 2000.

Mairie d’Épinay sur Seine

Carte de vœux 2018 en réalité augmentée pour la Mairie d’Épinay sur Seine.

Illustrations et animations, Julie Stephen Chheng et Thomas Pons.

Développement : Volumique

–> application Android et IOS.